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Soul Plan

The heAler you hAve been looking for is your own courAge to know and love yourself compleT


There are simply no words powerful enough to describe the amazing Emily and the wonderful things she does.

When I was diagnosed with secondary infertility, I was devastated. Even more so because there was no obvious medical reason for it. I was completely lost and frustrrated, until I met Emily.

She helped me heal from physical, mental and emotional trauma that was so obvious (although not to me at the time) blocking my mind, body and soul after birth traumas I had experienced over the previous years.


She also helped me grow as a person and in confidence, encouraging me to realise my worth.

I fell pregnant everytime I saw Emily, and although the first few ended in more heartache, with the love, support and encouragement, I never gave up hope and my beautiful boy finally came home to me.

Emily is simply amazing and i'll be eternally grateful to her and her magic hands.


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