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As a trauma/ therapist / healer with over 15 years experience, I’ve helped many many people with a variety of emotional and physical issues, including helping a large number of women to fall pregnant naturally.


I have also helped hundreds of women that have experienced miscarriages and I have witnessed the emotional trauma it has caused them.I also have a lovely friend that is a midwife for the NHS and she has always said she wishes she could give my number to all of the ladies that leave the hospital after a miscarriage, she told me that the emotional support is literally non existent and that all of the ladies need a little bit of “ Emily’s “ help.


I have poured all of my years of experience, study and heart felt passion into creating this on line “care package” for ladies that have experienced a miscarriage or Miscarriages, no matter how long ago. I know how much relief I have brought to so many women and now I can help women all over the world.


Miscarriages are at an all time high since the pandemic. I feel called to record these now with inspiration and guidance coming to me in meditations. Weaving into this package from my heart all of my skills, experience, wisdom and knowledge.


The package contains information videos, eft tapping videos, visualisations, meditations and extra information. With love I have created what I feel is something very special and even life changing to ladies after feeling the emotionally, debilitating pain of miscarrying a baby.


I Trust this helps you in so many ways





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