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The heAler you hAve been looking for is your own courAge to know and love yourself compleT



This is a holistic and hands on approach to improving fertility, overall health and physical and emotional wellbeing. 


Fertilty massage therapy is personalised for you. Every woman’s journey is different so no sessions is the same. 


Using gentle but powerful blends of hands on techniques. Fertilty massage is delivered with love, by myself with over 20 years of massage experience. Using the added benefit of tools such as abdominal sacral massage, trigger point therapy, pulsing, reflexology points, energy healing and guided meditations.

These techniques are VERY successfully used to improve fertility by boosting the functionality of the reproductive and digestive systems and lower back. 


As an intuitive counselor/ therapist I have the added benefit of using these well honed skills in a session too, finding emotional blocks that could be hiding in the body / womb space and gently bringing them to the surface to be felt and healed. 


I am proud and always emotional when talking about the many many lovely ladies that I have helped to have healthy pregnancies in the past 10 years of doing this work! I am truly blessed


Fertilty massage can also work along side other treatments that you may be having ie The baby Creating Plan or artificial reproductive technology ( ART) such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, egg or sperm donor.

Online zoom sessions are also available for fertility support/limiting belief and block clearing around the ability to fall pregnant.

These sessions are very successful with clients that are not local and can not get to me for face to face sessions.

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