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The heAler you hAve been looking for is your own courAge to know and love yourself compleT



This is a holistic, spiritual and mind set approach to improving fertility, overall health and physical and emotional wellbeing. 
As a “ Spiritual Fertility expert” I am the leading expert in assisting women to overcome blocks/ stories and even physical issues that might be effecting Fertilty.

The one to one sessions are personalised for you. Every woman’s journey is different so no session is the same. 

Using gentle but powerful tools such as EFT, matrix reimprinting, energy healing, transformational meditations and coaching support. “The Fertile Womb” one to one sessions are delivered with love, by myself with over 15 years of experience. 

I’ve not only seen my ladies go on to have healthy babies …. But I watch them to grow as women! 

This is also an empowerment journey! 

It gives me so much pleasure to watch my ladies begin to blossom and grow into the most phenomenal women. This intern goes on to help their fertility and also even more importantly to help them to be the most present, loving, fearless and inspirational mothers. 

Ultimately, this is what the children of the future need! 
I always say to my ladies that the babies coming in now to earth, are so super special, high frequency and they need mums that have got their shit together! 

That’s where I come in! 

As an intuitive counsellor/ and trauma therapist and healer for so many years I have these well honed skills to use in a “ Fertile Womb” session. 
I am adept at finding limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, generational blocks, spiritual blocks …. And so much more, that could be hiding in the body / womb space preventing a pregnancy. I gently bring them to the surface to be felt and healed. 

I also have helped hundreds of women to recover physically, emotionally and spiritually after having a miscarriage. Some women have come to me that have had a number of miscarriages. I help them to heal on all levels and feel safe enough to conceive again and have healthy full term pregnancies. 
I am proud and always extremely emotional when talking about the many lovely ladies that I have helped to have healthy pregnancies in the past 10 years of doing this work! I am truly blessed

“Fertile womb” session can also work along side other treatments that you may be having ie The baby Creating Plan or artificial reproductive technology ( ART) such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, egg or sperm donor.

Online zoom sessions are available as well as face to face sessions at my therapy room in Essex.


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