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Weaving 15 years of healing/ womb therapy and spiritual counselling experience into this truly magical treatment, a 1 hour or 90 minute session of pure alchemy can be enjoyed. 

This session is a must for all women!!! 

Using massage, energy healing, 432hz music, intuitive breath work, rebozos, pulsing, rocking and guided meditations, It will put you into a state of pure bliss. 

This session can help to clear emotional blocks, uncover and bring peace to traumas stuck in the body for many years. 
Leading to a feeling of liberation, vibrancy, clarity and freedom of fears and beliefs that no longer serve us. 

Finishing with a powerful, transformative unique, intuitive guided meditation, allowing deep healing, epiphanies, downloads and light codes …. This session has been said by many of my ladies to be life changing.
Gifting the woman with on going benefits / healings and peace for days after as the body mind and soul integrates and processes the session. 

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