Chelmsford Essex, age 21 |

I’ve always been one to struggle with my emotions, from a young child I saw the world from such a negative light. I’d tried many different types of therapy & counselling but nothing seemed to work for me.
Failing that I met the most wonderful woman who told me she could help. With the mind set I had, I was so nervous and apprehensive of the unknown of what Emily could do for me. Little did I know she was the amazing magical seed I needed to plant my roots and grow in a beautiful bright green tree with so many different branches of opportunity. She helped me start my journey that I will continue to walk with peace and happiness for the rest of my life.
For someone who could never see the light at the end of any tunnel and for someone who genuinely never thought I’d find strength to cope, I am living proof of a regular young woman who has blossomed into that bright green tree and i could not of started this beautiful journey without that magical seed. Thank you so much Emily, you have changed my life!!