Ilford Essex. |

I am a 31 year old male and had been diagnosed with the symptoms of anxiety and depression. This has been a struggle, during this period I can say I have been at the lowest low you can think of. My days consisted of waking up in tears fearful of what? I never knew. I had no joy in life at all and I lost contact with all of my friends as I don’t feel like seeing anybody. I want to find a dark hole and hide from the world. My nights were endless, sleeping becomes like a fear, and I would spend several hours lying in bed which would lead me to having anxiety attacks on a few occasions. The times I did manage to sleep would normally be around 4/5 in the morning. When I woke up it was the same vicious cycle. I feel I’m losing my life as its slipping through my fingers endlessly and I have no control whatsoever.

Every time I went to see my doctor I felt I would get no actual help to try and find out why I feel the way I do, it would either be a change, or an increased dose of medication, which I insisted to the doctor is not actually making me better but merely trying cover my emotional trauma the problem I am suffering is not rectified with medication I need alternative help.

I was informed of Emily’s services as a Counsellor and was sceptical at first. I had no expectations at all Emily was very welcoming. I was nervous somewhat trying not to show it as I was still not sure what Emily was going to do. When Emily started her routine of what I would call ‘healing’ I was very relaxed and calm within minutes I felt feelings deep inside me during the healing I went from crying to laughing within moments it was exceptional she made me feel at peace with myself she has the gift of somehow spiritually healing you from the inside out. I spent 2 hours with Emily and left feeling invigorated, happy and felt like I had a purpose in life and this was only my first visit.

I have not had a single moment of feeling emotional and sad like I was prior to my visit to Emily. I have more control of my emotions this was what I was asking the doctor for the whole time. I feel blessed I’m making progress from a time when the thoughts through my head were dark and my life was over.

The doctor had given me sleeping pills as I can’t actually go to sleep unaided. When I went to see Emily again I informed her of my troubles but had no explanation to why I couldn’t sleep (the good thing was the anxiety attacks had stopped or at least I was in control of how to calm down in the situation they arise thanks Emily for that too). Emily started the tapping and within half an hour I had answers to what was causing my problems.

I left the second session feeling great. I feel I have uncovered a hidden mystery about my sleep problems, which I couldn’t have found without Emily’s help. That evening I didn’t take any sleeping pills however strangely I was really tired at around 10pm, now this felt alien as the last time I slept at a decent time was months ago probably in spring 2013. I embraced the feeling and went to bed. OH MY GOD – I SLEPT FOR ONCE!!! I was on top of the world. I haven’t taken any sleeping pills since and I’m sleeping ok it’s not all clockwork but I’m getting there slowly.
I feel empowered every time I have been to see Emily she always surprises me with the gift she has she helps me unlock a part of me I never knew existed every time. Right now I feel the support & help I have from Emily has made me overcome the struggle and I can look to build on my life which has purpose now, where once there was just doubt. Thank you Emily for everything I couldn’t have achieved so much without your help.