Romford Essex |

After struggling with postnatal depression and anxiety for five months to the point where some days it was hard to get on with my day to day life. I didn’t feel I was good enough and did not like. I was having panic attacks at just the thought of doing things out of my comfort zone such as meeting friends for lunch or going to a party. I decided I needed to try different coping techniques which would hopefully make things more manageable…. Then I had just one session with Emily. I felt that during that session I was able to release some built up feelings that had been pushed aside during different points in my life and helped me to release the negative feelings and move on! I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this happy in such a long time, I have been able to go on a family holiday without a single panic attack. I’ve been able to to love others and build relationships back with people after pushing them away during this time and just to feel comfortable with myself again and positive about what the future holds. I really really cannot thank Emily enough for her help in getting me back on track with my life and enabling me to enjoy each day and moment as it comes and as it should be enjoyed!! I could not recommend Emily enough to anyone that is going through difficult times in their life and who just need a helping hand in understanding themselves again and to be able to feel truly happy again!!