Do you ponder on your life purpose?
Do you have a feeling that you are searching for something?
Do you sense that there is more to your life?
You are right….. you are here on earth on purpose, with a purpose!!

At this time many people are asking themselves some or all of the above questions. Understanding ourselves at a deeper level helps us gain clarity and direction.

Soul Plan Reading is a channeled system of soul direction analysis to better understand our present incarnation and help awaken and activate your latent potential.

Individual readings are based upon the sound vibration of your birth name (as it appears on your birth certificate)!!!!!!!!!

The roots of the system lie in the ancient Sefer Yetzirah text. Around 1980 the late Frank Alper, author of the trilogy – Exploring Atlantis channeled a Gematria method which is now key to deciphering individual life plans. Soul Plan takes its foundations from the Sefer Yetzirah, Frank’s Gematria system (Spiritual Numerology of Moses) and has been modernized to include additional channeled material and modern interpretations from more than a decades research by Blue Marsden founder of Holistic Healing College.

In Summary

A Soul Plan Reading is:

  • An interpretation of the experiences your Soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime. This will include:
  • An explanation of the challenges you are or have been facing
  • An explanation of your talents & attributes
  • An explanation of your deep inner goals both in the everyday world and in spiritual terms

You will gain:

  • a greater and clearer sense of life purpose
  • an understanding of why you have experienced the life you have so far
  • access to yourself on a deeper level, a soul level
  • an acceleration of growth
  • a deeper sense of understanding about your life experience so far
  • more clarity about life and your role in it
  • a healing and clearing of redundant patterns
  • a deep activation of your own unique abilities and potential

You will also receive practical guidance on how to:

  • overcome your challenges/obstacles
  • best use your talents
  • achieve your goals

Soul Plan Reading

Session time 60-90 minutes.
(Therapist time is also spent prior to the reading working on the chart & linking in with the clients energy)

Investment £150

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