This is like no other massage you have ever experienced.  Healing Energy is integrated with massage.   Intention is set to work on what ever is meant to be worked on, on a Soul level, for the highest and greatest good of the client. So there is total trust that the energy healing and massage does what ever is needed.

I have been working with massage for over 20 years. I know exactly how to remove trauma that may be trapped in the body. Intuitively I might also use Rebozos/ shawls, rocking & pulsing, breathing & sound work as well as massage to ensure your experience is a one off!  The session is totally unique & I am guided spiritually, so no treatment is the same.

Empowering guided meditations are used to activate DNA upgrades at both a cellular and physical level. Removing blocks and restrictions from the client and reminding them that they are FAR more that the physical body. ( this treatment has been explained as life changing, an out of body experience, clients felt like they were floating, a wake up call, awakening spiritually) ……..

Many clients say they have never felt anything like it & do not want to leave the couch at the end of the treatment.

( This massage is for ladies only)

How does it work?

Whilst giving you your massage,  energy healing flows simultaneously giving you double the benefits. Read more about Energy healing on my Energy Healing Page!

Some of the benefits of a Massage include:

  • Reduces and relieves stress and tension which are causes of many health concerns and illnesses
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Reduces constant fatigue or pain effectively
  • Improves blood circulation and as a result aids the smooth functioning of internal body parts
  • Repair and renewal of cells and tissues becomes easy due to improved blood circulation
  • helps release stuck trauma, sadness, anger, grief & other limiting emotions

Energy Healing & massage treatments are recommended for on-going health maintenance.

Energy healing, Intuitive Massage

Session time 55 minutes

Investment £60

Message from a new Massage client:

I’ve slept like a baby since Monday. Think I may have to make this a regular thing. Thanks Emily, see you soon xxx

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Had a wonderful massage today, thank you so much Emily, feeling wonderful, very gifted lady xXx