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Please read and sign the agreement which sets out client and therapist understanding of the services
provided and expectations.

You can sign it by typing in your name at the end and emailing it back to me in advance of our first session.

Many thanks

Emily Teague


.......................... .........[insert name] as the client realise and accept that my
success depends on my own commitment to improving the situation that brings
me here today. I acknowledge that the Intuitive Counselling/ Soul Plan reading is
not diagnosing, prescribing for or treating any physical or mental ailments and I
do not hold the therapist responsible for them.

I release the therapist from any liability whatsoever regarding my
Reading/therapy session. Any conclusions I draw from my session or responses
I have are mine and mine alone. I take full and total responsibility
I understand that these sessions are not psychotherapy but are a therapeutic
alternative aimed at creating positive changes in my life.

I agree to pay the agreed fee for any missed sessions not cancelled with the 48
hours advance notice required.

I agree to inform Emily Teague of all physical or mental conditions that might
aect the work. I have duly noted these on the client intake form provided.

I, Emily Teague, Certified Soul Plan reader, Intuitive counsellor, EFT and
Matrix Practitioner,
agree to use the best of my abilities to help you make the
changes that you seek and to treat you with respect and care. I agree to give you
my undivided attention and professional assistance during our scheduled
appointments and I agree to total confidentiality.

I am professionally committed to using my training and skills to assist you in
mobilising your own resources to achieve the results that you so seek.


EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are highly effective healing modalities for most people.
For some, it may be intense and inner material may come up in both in and after
the sessions. This is actually a healing experience when properly understood.

The best action to take is to call your therapist and get assistance.
Most people find they have positive experiences.

I understand this and I am willing to accept this agreement.


I take responsibility for myself.

Thank you. Emily Teague

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