New tailor made packages for a NEW YOU! It’s your time to SHINE! 
Has regular counselling not worked for you? 
Do you suffer with anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem, fears, phobias, depression? 
Are you fed up with just existing & know there is MORE TO LIFE? 
Feel you have a bigger Purpose on earth?! 
If you answered yes to any of these, then I can help! 
I am offering a package to peel back the layers, empty your emotional vessel so that your negative emotions are not bubbling over causing emotional, mental health & physical issues. I can look into your Soul Purpose on earth in this life time, your karmas & your unique gifts & talents. Teach you life changing skills to use FOREVER. Use trauma release/ healing massage to help remove the residue from your physics & energy body!
⁃ Package of 5 unique, bespoke, life changing sessions = investment of £385. 
1 x 2 hour session. This would be the first session/ consultation
4 x 1 hour sessions
Sessions include a bespoke mixture of the following treatments :
-Matrix reimprintiong, for trauma release  ( please read the appropriate page for more info)
-Spiritual Counselling  ( please read the appropriate page for more info)
-Life coaching
-Energy healing
-Spiritual healing
-Teaching you about your Energy field & how others effect you & you them!
-Trauma release massage
-Lots of online links, book recommendations & advice
-Aftercare recommendations
( please note: it is advisable to have the 5 sessions close together i.e.: weekly bi weekly)
Session times are limited
On line sessions have more avaiabilty
Face to face sessions avaiable week days 9-3 only