emilyMy name is Emily Teague.

Since my teens I have been interested in the spiritual side of life. Spending a lot of my late teens & early twenties travelling the world as a massage therapist, both back packing & as therapist on board cruise ships. It was there that I realised my spiritual gifts & also healing & mediumship abilities. I began to read many empowering books like Louise Hay, Gary Zukav, Wayne Dyer & Brian Weiss. I felt compelled to share my new found knowledge with clients & friends!

At just age 19, I realised that not only did I relax my clients muscles through massage, I found that I could use my intuition to connect with them on an emotional level. I would give them advice on how to love themselves & improve their lives & didn’t even know where this knowledge was coming from. I loved that they left my therapy room, relaxed, invigorated & even empowered! It fed my Soul & still does today!

I have since studied as a Spiritual counsellor & Holistic life coach at the prestigious Holistic Healing College, London. Also gone on to learned Reiki, Energy healing, Soul Plan Reading , Matrix Reimprinting & EFT. Now with numerous years of life lessons & experience; Including 3 lovely & lively young children, I have learnt personally from many of life’s ups & downs…. Recovered from anxiety and Post natal depression myself. I feel that I am a more experienced & compassionate therapist than ever before.

My passion is empowering change in others & giving my clients wings!

I am a leading therapist in ” Intuitive Soul support”. My tool box of holistic therapies act as catalysts for releasing past traumas. These can be held in the body from traumatic events & even childhood memories. My aim is to free my clients of the limiting beliefs that hold us all back, so that we can start living life to our fullest potential!

We are all here on purpose with a purpose, I can help you uncover yours!


I specialise in & offer to my clients, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Trauma release Massage, Massage for relaxation, guided meditations for healing trauma, Spiritual/ Intuitive Counselling, Spiritual healing/ Reiki, Holistic Life Coaching also physic, mediumship & Soul Plan Readings.

I also work with the womb, offering womb healing & fertility massage. I have helped many ladies to conceive when they were told it was impossible. For more information on this see my Womb work website.